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          Casting Machinery

          S62 Series Rolling Sand-Drying Device with Three-Backhaul

          S62 Series Rolling Sand-Drying Device with Three-Backhaul

          The device mainly applied for drying new sand
          Take crushed coking coal, anthracite or refrigerant gas as main fuel, convenient to get fuel.
          Feature in tight structure, reliable operation, high efficiency, low consumption, good drying effect.
          There are two types of furnace, gas and crushed coke; three types of increase modes, in the front, left and right. Blasting direction is always keeping 90¡ãof angle with the direction of fuel increase. It makes more selections for customers.

          The device consists of skip loader (or vibrating feeder, skip crane), main drive roller, burning furnace, vibrating screen matched with ventilation system to form simple sand-drying unit. It features less investment, rapid to put into production, and obvious economic benefit.

          Main Technical Parameters of S62 Series Roller Sand-Drying Device with Three-backhaul

          ModelParameter   S623   S625   S625D
            Productivity£¨m3/h£©   4   5   6-8
            Coal Consumption£¨kg/t£©   35   60   75-80
            Sand Water Content (%)   £¼0.5   £¼0.5   £¼0.5
            Sand Temperature (¡æ)   60   60   60
            Main Motor Model   Y100L2­-4   Y132S-4   Y132S-4
            Main Motor Power (kw)   3   5.5   5.5
            Roller Rotate Speed (r/min)   8   6.5   9
            Wet Dust Catcher   F3714   F3719   F3719
            Ventilator   4-72-11No4.5A 7.5kw   4-72-11No4.5A 7.5kw   4-72-11No4.5A 7.5kw
            Round Feeding Machine   Y4410   Y4415   Y4415
            Sand Screener   S464   S456     S456B
            Machine Mass (kg)   8500   16000   18000