Product Class
          Casting Machinery

          S56 Series Boiling Cooling Bed

          S56 Series Boiling Cooling Bed

          Purpose and Characteristics
          This series of equipment mainly applied in cooling and removing film for recycled resin sand. It is ideal matching equipment for recycling resin sand.
          This series of equipment is able to cooling and removing film, meanwhile, it can eliminate metal particle and micro-powder, can be widely applied in medium and large scale resin sand production line.

          This series equipment is a continuous cooler. Loose old sand enters into fluidized bed shows boiling status under the condition of strong blowing by high pressure blower. Then it starts from sand entrance moving through snake shape cooling water pipe. Old sand cooled sufficiently and reduced film by strong ventilation and the function of cooling water.

          Main Technical Parameters of S56 Series Boiling Cooling Bed


            ModelParameter    S564    S565    S568    S5610
             Productivityt/h    4-6    6-8    8-10    10-15
             Sand Temperature after Cooling 棩        20-35    20-35    20-35    20-35
             Blower Powerkw    15    18.5    22    30
             Entering Water Temperature棩    15    15    15    15
             Entering Air Volumem3/h    1200-1440    1500-1800    1800-2440    2500-3000
             Dust-Catching Air Volumem3/h    1800    2200    2800    3000
             Water Circulation Volume m3/h    5    6    8    10